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Hiking in National Park Hohe Tauern

Summer retreat in a completely new way!

A first class hiking paradise is located in the middle of national park Hohe Tauern - in the midst of puissant rocks and pictorial greenish peaks of the Gastein valley. Everybody who loves nativeness of existence is invited to visit the national park itself, its pictorial cottages, and farmed alpine mountain pasture. Helpful park rangers as well as hearty hosts complete the feeling of a place where the world is still alright. A huge variety of nice and easy hiking tours are practicable as well as challenging ones. In high altitude between the mountains Schareck and Ankogl, last freckles of pure white snow invite their visitors for adventure. Here you can find the highest mountains and some of the most beautiful 3000-meter peaks of whole Austria. Altogether you will find the right atmosphere to enjoy your vacation as you deserve it – wonderful, recreational, and paradisiacal.
The road system is perfectly established and incline-railways bring everyone to the most beautiful panorama platforms which are perfect starting points for extensive hiking purposes. Additionally you can find the “Nassfeld” – a romantic countryside with meadows, mountains, and cottages - which really has the charm of a nature jewel. Everyone who likes climbing will fell in love – we guarantee.

Nowadays especially vital visitors are happy about the broad offer Gastein makes. Guided mountain biking tours are part of it as well as the new climbing path "Mauskarspitze" – which is the name of the peak of the Mountain Mauskar. Here you can climb up to 2373m to the alpine site "Schlossalm” (Schloss mean castle), which definetely is a good gateway drug into climbing sports. Because of Gastein’s huge amount of lateral valleys, excursion destination, and untouched nature, it is very well suitable for hiking and much more – especially for families.


Guided tours in the National Park Hohe Tauern

Natural Juwel Reedsee   |   Along the Roman path   |   Legendary Gastein gold mountains 

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Mountain wharfs for climbing dwarfs

Juicy meadows, cliffy peaks, and clear tarns – especially our small guests can expect a lot of excitement, games, and adventures during their little expeditions into nature. Gastein definitely is family-friendly! In the midst of the national park Hohe Tauern there is pure nature, variety, and loads of fun for our small guest, but of course for our tall guests as well! Action everywhere, surprises on each corner but at the same time: introspective and wild-romantic. Take your kids to new adventures every day, like the: „Almorama“ which has special offerings for kids only.

Or what about the Funcenter, rope bridges, animalisti felsic creature, scooter ramps, recreation area Spiegelsee, childrens playground at the Schlossalm or do your kids prefer gold washing, geo-caching, Lama-trekking, archery sports at Anger valley or Belvue, fishing or fly-fishing? No matter wha your children makes happy, we have got it.



Some of our visitors are not able to resist the famous call of the mountains. In national park Hohe Tauern monumental peaks are simply too present. Wherever you have your accommodation, it is always possible to be at the foot of a mountain within some minutes of walk. Yet you can start hiking, climbing, or sometimes even drive them by car. It is your decision: flowering meadows or cliffy rocks, paths covered with moss or remained felsic. Feelings are phenomenal when standing on top of one of the 3000-meter Mountains, when you are hanging in the safe ropes during climbing in a cliffy felsic wall, or when you just sit down on a green meadow, having a chilling beer close to a sheltering cottage... happiness is what you will find in many places. Back from the mountains you just enjoy the gemuetliche, i.e. homey way of life of the local people in Gastein.


Picturing Gastein

Each category reflects a link to the relating topic which can be found detailed on the great and very informative homepage Picturing Gastein of Mr. Dr. Anton Ernst Lafenthaler.