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Cross-country skiing paradise Gastein

Cross-country skiing guarantee till spring!

Cross-country skiing, the very gentle sport, is generally known as one of the healthiest exercises. Cross-country skiing in Gastein even shows that healthy exercise can be fun! Gliding through a winter wonderland, breathing the fresh air of the mountains, following your own rhythm...

Counting more than 50km of well prepared cross-country ski run, Gastein is one of the largest paradises for cross-country skiers. The trails of this Nordic sport, as well as our winter hiking tours, lead to the most beautiful places of this holiday region. Cross-country skiing is just a little more physically demanding. Are you meeting the challenge?

In Sportgastein, the fun of cross-country skiing is guaranteed on runs 1,600 m above sea level until late spring. One of our highlights is – in the truest sense of the word – a floodlit run in Bad Gastein (District of Böckstein) or the run in the health resort gardens of Bad Hofgastein.

It is well known that cross-country skiing requires total body control. However, did you know there is virtually no other sport strengthening your muscles so intensively and conserving your joints at the same time? – With us you can enjoy this gentle sport during your winter vacation.

Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular endurance sports in winter times and requires all out of a body. A cross-country skier trains 95 % of his muscles and likewise his heart and circulatory system, and his coordination abilities. The smooth movements of cross-country skiing are very gentle to the joints and the risk of injury is very low.

In the region of Gastein cross-country skiers will find a wide network of runs, leaving nothing to be desired.

With more than 50km of well prepared cross-country ski run, Gastein is the Eldorado for every cross-country skier and Nordic Cruiser.

TIP: Cross-country skiing trial lessons

Every Monday (3.30 pm - 4.30 pm) with the certified cross-country skiing teachers from the Gastein school of cross-country skiing.


TIP: Trial biathlon

Every Tuesday (3.30 pm - 16.30 pm) offers the Gastein school of cross-country skiing a trial-biathlon in Bad Hofgastein.


Nordic Cruising

Nordic Cruising combines classical cross-country skiing with elements of summer sports like running and Nordic Walking. The shorter Cruising-Ski with a wider base provides higher stability; nevertheless, it allows easy gliding and ascending in untouched terrains. Explore the winter wonderlands of Gastein in a new way!
Our local and qualified ski instructors offer an introduction to Nordic Cruising, while you can either purchase or simply rent the latest equipment from our specialty shops.
Cross-country skiing in Gastein is more than just a healthy outdoor sport: a diversified network of cross-country ski runs, a magnificent backdrop of mountain ranges and innovative offers turn Gastein into an Eldorado for Nordic Sports lovers. In case you had not enough exercise by sunset, in winter times there is the possibility to explore the runs in Bad Gastein or in the spa gardens of Bad Hofgastein which are floodlit by night. 

Cross-country ski run reports and important information about the runs of Gastein