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How to get fit

Change begins in the head. If you have goals, then you have already taken the first step towards success. The centre for health & sports at the Alpine Thermal Gastein is a dependable partner, to help you to new body awareness.

The path to your ideal weight is as easy with professional backing, as it is to achieve more ambitious sport goals. Coach potatoes suddenly have the uncontrollable desire for a light training. And ambitious sportsmen can exhaust their potential to the fullest.

A warm welcome to the centre for health & sports!

Whatever your plans are in the matter of health and sports, the first step is a personal consultation. Your wishes and how to get their will be discussed.

On the basis of a sports-medical examination, individual training plans are put together and your personal coach will give you many tips, on your way to a more healthier and active life.

Angebote für Gesundheit und Sport in der Alpentherme Gastein

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