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Winter magic in the Gasteiner Valley

Gentle winter and still full of contrasts.

During no other season the contrast between the inside and outside activities is as big as in the winter time. Outside nature gives us snow and cold, but also the amazing image of old fairytale books. Inside, on the contrary, everything is warm and cozy. All activities during this season are directed towards traditions. The results are cabins full of life, cozy atmosphere, fun and of course romance.

The 220 km of pistes give Gastein everything a classical winter vacation needs: a perfect skiing region with plenty of snow.

Also if you want to experience winter from its different, soft side, Gastein is perfect for pleasant vacation. Far away from the turbulences of the pistes authentic and new impressions await the Gastein guest who wants to experience something special.

Part of a robust winter vacation is always sports. But sometimes it does not need to be the well prepared piste. For everybody who wants to experience also something different in between, and for all non-skiers, there is a huge variety of activities besides the pistes that want to be discovered. The possibilities are diverse and rich in alternative and soft winter sports. There is a large number of wellness offers as well as of community and cultural events. See also our event notes.


Ski tour hiking

... is booming right now. Gastein offers perfect conditions with the different altitudes of its mountains. [more information]


Cross-country skiing paradise Gastein

until spring cross-country skiing is guaranteed. Cross-country skiing is one of the so called “soft sports” and is therefore one of the healthiest movement patterns. Cross-country skiing in Gastein shows how moving can be fun. [more information]


Snow shoe hiking

Snow shoe hiking is nature experience in its purest form. The freshly snow-covered forest and its solitary calmness can still be found here. It is the way how you leave your traces in the untouched snow. It is the satisfaction of reaching set goals on your own power - is it a faraway peak or the next hill close by. Reaching such goals brings you closer to yourself.

The snow shoe hiking becomes more and more popular in Gastein. Professionally guided tours through the national park Hohe Tauern, by the park ranger Hans Naglmayr, will bring you closer to the nature and the animals living in the national park. Among others you will learn how to read traces in the snow. [more information]


Sled trip

On a sled trip on one of the many sledding runs in Gastein, some are even illuminated by night, childhood memories come back. With the sled in a tow walking through the deep snow up the hill to the next cabin and from there, after a nice glass of punch and homemade food, a joyful ride downhill - that is just great. For everybody who wants to skip the uphill walk, some sledding runs have their own chair-lift!  [more information]


Horse sled rides - winter romance as its best!

Horse sled rides are one of the oldest winter amusements. Together with your family or friends you will pass along snow-covered field. It is a real wonderland. Hearing the bells ring on the harness of the horses and at the end a cozy cabin awaits you with delicious food and a warming open fire. Sit down in the sled, cover up with a nice warm blanket and take in the winter wonderland. A horse sled ride with the family through the beautiful snow-covered landscape of Gastein is an unforgettable event! [more information]


Horseback ride on Iceland horses

Prepared winter hiking ways invite for a special horseback riding experience. It will go up- and downhill quite a lot. For beginners we offer tours along the Gasteiner Ache. The horseback riding lessons and rides into the country in the horseback riding center are arranged on the phone +43 (0)6432 6770. [more information]


Winter hiking

26 hiking and strolling routes with an entire length of about 60 km are prepared around the village center for our guest each year. Among them are also the classical Gastein panorama-promenades, named after the empress Elisabeth, the archduke Johan and the emperor Wilhelm. [more information]



A true family tip is the lama-trekking midst the idyllic mountain landscape of Gastein. After a short and general information and introduction about the acquaintance with the lama as a pack animal the tour starts with a skillful tour guide through the snow-covered winter landscape.

Lama-Trekking Gastein, Riedl-Alm Bad Hofgastein Min. participants: 5, max. 12 persons Registration necessary at Family Dürnberger: Tel. +43 (0)6432 2105 or +43(0)664 2824445


Ice Skating

or everybody who loves the cold ice and the hot skids the possibilities in the Gastein valley are fantastic. Here you can discover your talent for this famous sport or improve your skills. [more information]


Curling in Gastein

Curling runs in Gastein with special offers and tournaments for our guests. [more information]


Tennis - game, set and match

Our three top tennis gyms in Gastein invite you warmly to participate in exciting matches. The pleasure of the game is guaranteed in the well cared for tennis courts and with the high class equipment. [more information]


Sport shooting

Sport shooting (10 m) in the wonderful home of the shooting association Bad Gastein, Birkenring 14 (behind the youth hostel), group shooting, information and registration:
Heinz Schulz Tel. +43 (0) 676 / 5425814.
You can book further group shooting evenings any time.