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Spa and health in Gastein

... Jump into warm water

No bath tub in the world can compete with the Felsentherme or the Alpentherme. The anticipation starts already in the changing rooms: the smell of heat crawls up your nose, humidity hanging heavy in the air. Just the hunt for a free canvas chair keeps you from jumping into the warm water. Then finally: the first steps into the pool, dive in, breath out and let yourself float.

The thermal water in Gastein obtained daily from 17 springs in Gastein. They have a positive influence on your organism. In the spa of Gastein you can choose between several different baths, sauna facilities, and steam baths as well as massage offers.


Gastein healing cave – therapy, cure & rehabilitation

The combination of natural radon content, heat and humidity make the Gastein healing cave the best and most effective cure of the Gastein region.
Long lasting pain relief, proved strengthening of the immune system and therewith connected savings of medicine are scientifically detected achievements of the healing cave therapy.

Prophylaxis & stabilizing
 The world wide unique healing climate in the Gastein healing caves stimulates the endogenous cell metabolism by absorbing radon through the respiratory system and the skin.

The DNA – healing capacity of the cells is activated naturally; endogenous strategies for strengthening and stabilizing of the immune system are stimulated. The healing cave therapy is an excellent method for staying healthy and for immune prophylaxis.


Cure and Kneippism

Whether you need medical treatment of you just want to recreate yourself for your everyday life with a wellness treatment – at the centers of cures and kneippism of you will find what you desire.

A cure helps to treat chronicle complaints and is also used as a preventive measure for an early recognition and prophylaxis of disturbances of health. Gastein has a great number of very modern, certified healing baths and cure centers, which attend to all types of health problems.

The Bad Gastein radon thermal-vapor bath ist is a public spa under medical supervision. The thermal-vapor bath is especially suitable for persons with limited resilience. The bath duration and the bath temperature (32.5°C – 41.5°C) can be adapted to the individual needs of everyone and therefore also people with a weak circulatory system have the opportunity to use the radon thermal cure. The vapor bath leads just to light overheating of the body and has a shorter duration compared to the healing cave therapy. The radon concentration is almost the same. ‘Cave light’ steam baths are a very valuable cure method. The healing powers of the steam from the Gastein thermal springs have been known for centuries. 

For a bathing cure at the vapor bath you need a prescription by a spa physician. You can receive these from every spa physician of the Gastein valley and at the Gastein health resort centers. We gladly help you arranging appointments.

The most important indications: Bechterew’s disease, chronic polyarthritis, degenerative joint- and muscle tension, respiratory tract disease, vegetative exhaustion and regeneration.