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Rent and housekeeping service Gastein valley

Ronny Katsch & Team is specialized in short-term rentals of private accommodation like holiday flats, holiday houses, and single rooms in Gastein. It is our philosophy to successfully rent private unused space like holiday flats, holiday houses and single rooms to adequate guests. At the same time we offer to visitors of Gastein to find a fitting accommodation that serves all their needs for recreational vacations.

To owners of private accommodation, we offer an entire and serious rent service. Everything necessary is done to 100% in This includes not only guest mediation, which means we do the whole accounting as well. We also do the final inspection after the guest’s holidays as well as the final cleaning of the accommodation. Of course we do anything else what you think should be included into professional housekeeping. Just ask us!


Booking service

Our booking service offers different options to your guests how they could get informed about the availability of your accommodation. No matter if your guests like to make bookings via internet or any touristic association, by using the telephone or do it in written form – we do our best to help them. If wished we pleasantly inform your guests about the accommodation itself and provide further information whether the accommodation is vacant or not.

After your guest booked and confirmed one of your accommodations, you receive a letter of acknowledgement immediately. Hence you stay informed about the status of your accommodation at any moment. Of course it will never be a problem if you don’t want to rent your accommodation to any guest because of any private purpose. If so, please inform us in time.


Guest assistence and accounting

After the arrival of your guests in Gastein we welcome them or, if wished, pick them up from a train station or an airport. Afterwards we make them familiar with your accommodation, no matter if your accommodation is an apartment, a holiday flat, a holiday house, or any single room you have to rent. During your guest’s stay we kindly offer our service if there should be any questions or problems.

Correctness concerning the registration form and statistics as well as in due time accounting is obligatory for us. After your guests leave the apartment, holiday flat, or holiday house, everything will be cleaned by us. If any repairing should be necessary, everything can be managed by us as well but always according to your wishes.



Although our service is so comprehensive, we almost always charge a provision only. That means you only have to pay for our service if we successfully procure a guest to your accommodation. Property owners using our rent service are represented on our webpage for free. No matter if you engage our full service or only have the need of a particular share of it; we adjust our service so you feel comfortable. You only have to pay for what you use.

We would be very happy if you would contact us for further information without commitment. "all-in-one package"

Fulfillment for your property: renting, caring, handing over the keys, briefing of the guests about the special features of your accommodation, 24-hour-emergency call, final cleaning, general caring for your property. If you need some help in garden maintenance, we gladly act as broker and suggest to you some competent firms. Same with winter services and small repairing on your house – with our all-in-one package your business can prosper.

If this kind of service is exactly what you expect, then you just found what you need. We gladly provide further information to which extend we can support you.

Services, provided by us:

  • guest assistance and final cleaning of your property
  • welcoming your guests
  • hand-over of keys at arrival
  • instruction to the accommodation
  • receiving and administrating security money (if wished)
  • 24-hour service to your guests
  • bidding farewell to your customers
  • final accommodation check
  • final accounting
  • return of the security money
  • final cleaning (cleansers included)


  • garden maintenance
  • mowing your lawn 2 times a month or as agreed
  • trimming of bushes and shrubs (seasonal task)
  • re-planting as wished and as agreed
  • eaves checkup and cleaning if necessary
  • janitor and garbage service


  • housekeeping
  • regular checkup of electronic devices
  • readout of electric meter
  • roof load checkup during winter
  • exchange of illuminants
  • checkup of your property after natural impacts like snow, storms, or extreme rainfalls
  • weekly checkup if your property is not rented
  • garbage service at days of garbage disposals
  • small repairing
  • winter service


  • any other business
  • rent service upon commission basis
  • basic cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • cleaning of towels and bedclothes
  • procurement of craftsmen
  • listing of your accommodation in the internet
  • compilation of an advertising folder for your property
  • production of a little video to support your internet performance


We would like to help you finding your very personal offer for your holiday home.