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Amazing destinations and trips in Gastein and surrounding

„What should I not miss during my vacation?“ – for all of you who like these kind of  questions we have a bunch of answers. There is a huge variety of destinations which are waiting for you to explore them. From nature trails to streets with panorama view, from exciting guided tours to carriage rides. We have got the  right activity for everyone. If you are not so sure about what we claim, we  want to remind you on the tremendous amount of activities waiting for you in the nearby countryside. We bet you don’t know them all!

In the following you will receive an overview of many, very nice trips that we offer in and around Gastein. These trips are day or half day tours. Of course, there is always the possibility to combine several trip destinations for an amazing day tour that you can enjoy with your family, your partner or just by yourself.  Gladly we will answer your questions about organizing your personal program for a day tour.

Hot tip from us: Excursions with Taxi Rudigier . Here you will be picked up directly from your accommodation and after an exciting day, you will also be dropped off there again.


Hunting archery Angertal

The unique hunting archery course in the Gastein Valley starts after a short introduction directly at Waldgasthof and leads you on a hunt for true-to-life animal dummies through open country along an idyllic forest trail. Fun and  excitement for the whole family! Archery –  rentals – schooling. [more information]

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Show cave eldritch church in Dorfgastein-Klammstein

After a 45 minute walk you will reach the cave entrance of the eldritch church. During the 50 minute guided tours through the basement, parents and kids will get to know a fascinating underground world that has been created by nature millions years ago. The biggest hall enthuses simply everyone where beautiful stalactites and breathtaking rock formations guarantee an unmistakable wonder of nature. [more information


Nature adventure Dorfgastein: admire - play - learn

The theme path‚ nature adventure Dorfgastein gives you the opportunity to discover the diversity of nature of the country of Salzburg. With the help of numerous stations you can go on a discovery trip and get to now the utility rocks of  Salzburg. Furthermore, a magnificent biotope will give you an insight into the  unique flora and fauna of our region. Even the youngest do not have to miss out! At a huge adventure playing ground they have  the opportunity to cross rope bridges and fixed rope routes to reach a giant  slide and to try out the water drills. [more information


Castle Klammstein

At the entrance of the Gasteiner valley there you can find an ancient historical building on the Klammstein (850m) 60 meters above the access road: the castle Klammstein. Here the colonization of the Gastein valley has its origin. Many famous generations have enlarged the castle into a stronghold to protect the Gastein valley and his inhabitants. Until the 16th century, the administration  of the mines and the law court were residents there. Today you will find a small museum in the restored castle tower where several artifacts of the castle history are
displayed. [more information


Mini golf in Gastein

At the neat mini golf park in Bad Hofgastein the whole family will have fun and diversion. The site has 18 very lovingly designed mini golf stations and a wooden bowling  alley; there is also enough space for a short round of small golf under shady trees. Beverages and ice cream are sold at the small wooden hut in the mini golf park.[more information

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Placer mining in Angertal

Experience the exciting feeling to find gold with your own hands! Wash out the high quality Tauern gold from sand in a special pan. A experienced gold miner will  introduce you into the world of the treasured precious metal. You will definitively find some gold, so go and try your luck! An exciting adventure for everyone!
We gladly organize a mining competition for groups, clubs, companies, etc. Have fun placer mining at  the "Angertal gold mine".  [m re information


Montane Museum Altböckstein

The montane settlement Altböckstein with manufacturing facilities, treatment plants, administration buildings, tenements and stables was only slightly modified for museum purposes. The closeness of the composition and the reconstructed, functioning treatment facility make Altböckstein a unique montane historical  and industry archaeological monument. At the Salzstadlmuseum gold and silver mining of the Gastein valley is thematized. At the Säumerstall-museum there is a functioning replicate of an ore  processing plant. Furthermore, the practice of placer mining has been passed  down for centuries. The montane museum offers placer mining in the Naßfeld river as a part of its adventure program. [more information


Early industrial montane center Angertal

A lot of painful detail work was put in the reconstruction of the ore processing plant in the furthest part of Angertal. The furnace, bellows, convolutions, as well as the throbbers were reconstructed from old sketches to preserve their  originality. The displayed mechanical  skills are beyond comparison, the attention to detail is unique. The montane historical key element is the rebuilt furnace from the mediaeval times that is  connected with the blacksmith’s shop, the house of the mountain master and the squire house. Information boards describe the site. Further ore processing  plants are currently being reconstructed and can be visited in the near future. The early industrial montane center Angertal has not been captured in its  entity. [more information


Gastein Museum

Originating from the ‚Gastein anniversary exhibition‘ in the year 1936, today’s museum is a  worth seeing, continuing exhibition acommodating many gifts and loans from local families. Already in 1936, a collection of paintings by famous artists such was forming the heart of the museum; among those pictures are pieces of  the chamber painter archduke Johan, Thomas Ender, and Matthäus Loder. [more information



For thousands of years the roaring falls and raging river have been cutting their path through the rock. In some parts the sheer walls of the gorge are so tall  and so close together that the sky appears as nothing more than a narrow strip of blue high above the visitor. An imposing picture of nature opens to the viewer. As early as 1875, people were so taken by this natural wonder, fascinated by the play of light and shade that bridges and catwalks were built  with money donated by Prince Liechtenstein to make the Klamm accessible to the  public; surely it will enchant you as well! [more information


Kitzlochklamm Taxenbach

The name originates from the language use of the young Geißen-folk that used to visit the cooling gorge and caves in the summer. The Rauriser River has been cutting its path through the calcareous shale and has carved perpendicular walls with thousands of years of work. The cave that you pass on the way is known as the Ritzstollen. It was taken up by mountain squires for ore and gold mining in 1553. In addition, there is a small flowstone cave in Eder Kitzloch. [more information


Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen

In between the Tennen and Hagen mountains, the 900-year old fortress Hohenwerfen is enthroned high above the Salzach valley. There, adventure hungry people and culture fanatics will get what there money is worth. A diversity of entertainment and offers is waiting for visitors. Thus you can participate in guided tours around the castle and the armory or you can visit the knight’s shop above the historical falconry center that offers daily showings.  The first Austrian federal falconry museum is also situated in Hohenwerfen. Regularly changing special exhibitions complete  the range of offers. For your physical well-being it is recommended to dine at the classy castle tavern.[more information


Observatory Königsleiten

The observatory in Königsleiten counts as the highest observatory in Europe and is also named in the Guinness Book or Records. Since the end of 1996 it has  resumed its business and was complemented in April 1997  with the Zeiss-observatory that has a dome of a diameter of 7 meters. Up to 50 people fit in it at the same time and can admire the realistic starry sky. With the help of slide and video projectors, astronomical objects can be strikingly projected onto the observatory dome like they can be seen through a telescope. Special tip for kids! [more information


Krimmler Waterfalls

With a falling height of 390m Krimmler waterfalls are the highest in Europe. They are a symbol of the beauty of nature in national park Hohe Tauern. Since more than 100 years the famous way of the waterfalls with all its viewing platforms, bridges and pulpits inspires people thrilled by nature and gave them the experience of a real nature happening. Nativeness, dynamic, and overwhelming power of nature are the features of Krimmler waterfalls. The large estuary of the Krimmler Achen-valley towards the Salzach-valley is the work of ancient ice-ages. While  Achen-valley was scraped out by a gigantic stream of moving glacier, Achen-valley was less affected by ice erosion. [more information


Salzburger Open-Air Museum Großgmain

Everything about urban construction sites and living habits of the Salzburg countryside is collected, conserved, and presented by the Salzburg Open-Air-museum Grossgmain near Salzburg. 60 farmsteads, barns, mills, craftsman houses, and alp sites of 5 centuries can be explored here. There are many well worth seeing permanent and special exhibitions as well as multifarious craftsman shows. Together, both the exhibitions and the shows are one of the biggest touristic events in the countryside of Salzburg. Lurking around in the beautiful countryside with nothing more than the adventure in front of you and the sky above you will be an unforgettable and eventful adventure to you, your family or friends. [more information


High Moutain Dam of Kaprun

It all starts at the alpine house Kesselfall. A bus picks you up and brings you to the High Mountain dam of Kaprun. Even the journey itself is exciting as you will drive through the amazing Lärchenwald tunnel. After enjoying the tunnel as well as the nature, in a height of 1209m you arrive at the valley station of Europe’s biggest open slant lift. Using it  to enter the world of Kaprun Mountains is definitely one of the first  highlights during your journey. With nearly no noise the slant lift is almost gliding when passing mixed forests and cliffy rocks. After some interesting feelings you will reach the top station of the slant lift in 1640m of height.           

At the top  station close to the Limberg barrier busses already awaiting you to carry you  to the Mooserboden Dammed Lake in a height of 2040m. During this little trip you will have the chance to see amazing natural sites like the  Wasserfallbode-water reservoir and the Fürthermoar-alp site. [more information

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Reißeck Mountain Railway
Schlegeis Alpin Road
Oldtimer Museum Kärnten


Grossglockner alpine street

The most famous street of the Alps leads you way right into the heart of the national park Hohe Tauern. Here you can find Austria’s highest mountain Großglockner with a height of 3798m. Onto it you will see the so called Pasterze, which is a glacier. The alpine street approaching the Großglockner has a length of 48km and there are in total 36 serpentines. During your journey until 2504m you will explore a very specific driving experience due to overwhelming nature along the street. By traversing the unique world of the mountains you will see flowering meadows, fragrant forests, and puissant crags partially covered with perennial ice. This is how you will reach the foot of the Großglockner Mountain at the so called Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, which means in English something close to the “Elevation of the Imperator Franz-Josef”. The most famous street in the Alps ends directly at two main highlights of the national park Hohe Tauern: the highest mountain and the most puissant glacier in Austria, i.e. the Großglockner (3798m) and the Patserze.

During your journey to this place, within a height differential of 1500m you will cross many vegetation zones. From flowering meadows to fragrant forests to puissant cracks partially covered with perennial ice – each zone has a unique nature which you must experience! [more information

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Game and theme park Ferleiten
World of Waters in Krimml
• Alpine Street Gerlos



A trip to the Nock Mountains is a memorable experience for all friends of untouched nature. It is of special interest for those who really love untouched nature. 35km of street with serpentines and good panorama views are waiting for explores and discoverers. All of its 35km length and 52 serpentines traverse Europe’s sole national park in gentle high mountains. Moreover, here you can find the biggest stock of spruces and Swiss stone pines in whole eastern Alps. The gentle slope of the street makes relaxing driving possible, hence you can fully enjoy the uniqueness of the Nock Mountains. Everywhere you can find rounded hills (German: Nocken) which gave the region its name: Nock Mountains. From a earth historical point of view, those rounded hills are a real rarity and absolutely unique in the whole alpine region.
Along the street well organized restaurants settled down and offer a quality cuisine to those who need a rest. Here you can get real plane fare! Afterwards quite enormous amounts of hiking possibilities invite everyone who wants to enjoy nature by foot. There a lot of children’s playground, too.[more information

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Porsche Museum Gmünd
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