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Booking Gastein & real estate specialists will help you in your search

We are happy together with Gastein real estate specialist to help you in your search in and around Gastein.

If you require the support of a broker, expect high-class service and honest consultation.

If you are looking for real estate or a property, then together we can find the exact profile, location, size, financing of the object and present you with suitable offers.

As an adviser and trusted person I will support you, until you have found your desired real estate and am happy to assist you afterwards.


Lafenthaler ImmobilienLafenthaler Immobilien, Gerhard Lafenthaler
Tel. +43 6432 8830

Lugger ImmobilienLugger Immobilien, Gundolf Lugger
Tel. +43 664 300 3659


RemaxRemax-Spirit, Peter Zeiner
Mobil: +43 664/170 27 74

Schneeberger ImmobilienImmogastein, Ingmari Schneeberger
Tel. +43 676 841 611 200