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Sports, fun and action in Gastein

Activity holidays are an important part of Gastein. The sport and leisure offers in Gastein are very diverse and comprehensive that everyone can  find something of their interest.

Gastein  valley – mountains, woods, beautiful tributary valleys, streams or glaciers!  You are just in the right place, in the middle of nature in the national park  Hohe Tauern, which offers the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities due to  its nativeness. Hiking tours, high mountain tours, climbing – a lot is offered  to beginners as well as experts.

Erleben Sie die Vielfalt der Natur beim:

Wildwasser Rafting

Auf der abenteuerlichen und längsten Wildwasserfahrt im wunderschönen Salzburger Land. Ausgerüstet mit Neoprenanzug,- schuhen, Helm, Schwimmweste, Paddeljacke Paddel und in Begleitung eines geprüften Bootführers, erfolgt der Start zu der spritzigen, ca. 2-stündigen Schlauchboottour auf der Salzach. [mehr Informationen]



Entdecken Sie die Natur von ihre spritzigsten Seite! Canyoning ist eine Mischung aus Wandern, Abseilen, Klettern, Wasserfallspringen und Schwimmen. Schluchten werden zu Rutschbahnen, Felsbecken zu Whirlpools, Vorsprünge zu Sprungbrettern. Canyoning ist das neueste Abenteuer, das die Alpen erreicht hat. [mehr Informationen]


Paragliding Tandem

Fliegen wie ein Vogel… diesen ältesten Traum der Menschheit können wir ihnen gerne erfühlen.  Unser Team würde sich freuen, auch Ihnen die Faszination des Gleitschirmfliegens näher zu bringen.  Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, dass Sie sicher lange nicht vergessen werden! Einige Schritte und schon schweben wir in der Luft. [mehr Informationen] [Startplätze in Gastein]


Mountain-biking tours

We kindly invite you to enjoy together an exciting mountain biking tour with us. Our shuttle bus both carries you and your bike to your starting point called “Heumoseralm” in 1612m height. After a short rest  to enjoy the fantastic  panorama view and check our bikes a last time we start our cruise “down to the  valley”. Together we will discover the  versatile terrain “Skipiste” with all  its curves and brash. [more information]


Climbing for beginners

Climbing – try it, learn it! An extensive training where you will learn several climbing techniques and safety instructions enables you to pass two main certificates: “Top Rope” and “Vorstieg”. Our climbing valley in Klammstein kindly invites  beginners as well as professionals. Our climbing rocks are suited for different skills – optimal for developing your skills individually in a stimulating  atmosphere of friendship and stimulation. Only your  personal willingness to make the best out of your potential will help you to  become better. [more information]



Have a try and taste a sea breeze in the middle of the mountains. In easy water you learn basic techniques you need to survive a beginner’s course of kayaking. Our modern and safe equipment will help you to quickly have a confident feeling with this sport. With our help you will be able to deal with easy white water  within one day of learning. Don’t be afraid – fun always is a leading  principle. Anyway, if you are not a beginner any longer you are of course  allowed to start directly with one of our boats. [more information]


Summer-biathlon Gastein

After a small round turn of Nordic walking you then have to proof your accuracy in shooting. You are supposed to shoot at biathlon targets with harmless laser air  guns. This offer is especially suitable for families and groups. Moreover, we would like to help you in organizing competitions that will increase you fun level about 100.


Bowling alley Bad Gastein

Three top modern bowling alleys are available at .. pub  Gastein. We offer to you the only bowling alley suited for serious sport issues in whole Gastein valley. It is of high technical standard and hence will provide untroubled fun  to beginners and professionals as well as to sonnies and kiddos. No matter if you do a “Strike!”, “In die Vollen”, or a "Steirisch" – being in our pub and playing ninepin means having a nice evening. [more information]



Experience mountains and forests from a new perspective! It is an adventure for big and small, sonnies and kiddos!
Clamber up on different constructions of ropes and bridges and use rope slides to get the feeling of flying through the forest. After a short instruction (taking place every 20 to 30 minutes) by our certified trainers and passing a test course additionally it is time to say: Let’s get  ready to climb! Explore independently and without any time pressure your personal favorite of all possible routes. Children under 14 years need an attendant who is at least 16 years old. [more information]


High ropes

Overcome your personal borders and find new challenges! This is what really brings fun and kicks ass so you can forget about your job and everyday life. Unbearable tension – just because of one small step! Standing on our 8-meter-high “Pamper  Pole” platform you are first concentrated, but in the second instance freed because of falling it down into a net of safety ropes. Surprise yourself with your braveness and expand your horizon. [more information]


Alpine summer school Gastein

Take up your family and go climbing to Klammstein or to the climbing park Silver Bullets in Bad Gastein. Accesses  are easy and our climbing rocks are optimally suited for families. Beside professional safety instructions our
guests’ well-being is in general the drive  for our excellent service. [more information]


Biking Gastein

Biking Gastein – Training & Guiding – your authority for guided mountain bike trips, technique, and safety. We offer guided tours to mountain “Hochkönig” as  well as many other mountains in the national park Hohe Tauern.  Our support is of high standard and ensured by professional guides who are really familiar with the place. From
panorama tours to downhill tracks – we offer adequate programs to beginners and professionals. [more information]


Horse-back riding in Gastein

Our iceland ponies are cultured and raised in our beautiful Oberhaitzingut in Bad Hofgastein. They are well educated so you will enjoy surefooted partners when doing any riding tour. No matter if you prefer all day ride-outs or short ridings – with our ponies you enjoy fund anywhere. There also is a riding club where you can work on your riding skills. We kindly offer our help if you want to get in contact with them. [more information]



Caving is  for all discoverer and adventurer, and it is feasible at any weather. Together with a trained guide you explore the inside of a cave. [more information]


Sky-diving "Tandem"

If you ever wanted to do skydiving but yet felt uncertain about it or just were not brave enough, we now have the right offer for you: a tandem jump. This easiest way to  experience the free fall feeling will be done together with an experienced and well educated skydiving teacher who gives you shelter and accompanies you during your unique experience. Special Note! – If you want to do skydiving in Zell  am See please contact Skydive Gmunden. [more information]


Sightseeing flights the Alps

Enjoy your holiday destination from a bird’s-eye-view. Your choice is to take a 20 or 40  minutes pleasure flight.[more information]


Bungy Jumping

Experience freedom in a new dimension and get lost in the fascination of the free fall.  Arouse your sense of adventure, let your self-confidence grow! Bungy jumping opens up a complete new dimension of experience and freedom, hence is the  unique feeling of jaunty flying.
[Bungy Jump Kölnbreinsperre]    [Bungy Jump Jauntal]