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Ice Climbing in Gastein

Gastein, blue luminous icefalls and the charming variety of winter ice!

The Gastein Valley is one of the best areas for ice climbers in Austria. Gastein has made itself a name with ice climbers nationwide and internationally. Experience amazing, blue luminous icefalls and the charming variety of the winter ice! Whether beginner or professional, the Gastein Valley in the borough of Salzburg offers routes with different degrees of difficulty. Under the supervision of experienced Austrian mountain guides and climbers, dive into a world with its own laws. Enjoy your winter holiday in a different way.

Gasteins alpine location guarantees excellent, well frozen, solid ice which you would expect as an ice climber.

The Salzburg alpine guides will help you with the choice of the proper equipment.

Experience the beauty of ice and snow and enjoy the experience of untouched nature and silence. Challenge yourself, get to know your limits and strengthen your mental fitness! Adventure and adrenalin, these are the ingredients that make ice climbing an attractive sport and an unforgettable experience.


Urgent appeal to the common sense of ice climbers!

The leader of the local mountain rescue team in Bad Gastein, Roland Pfund would like to appeal the common sense of ice climbers

The mountain rescue team Bad Gastein asks ice climbers to not climb in bad weather conditions and conditions– such as strong southerly winds.

Here a detailed description of the best ice climbing spots in Gastein:

Ice climbing in the golden mountain group in the Gastein Valley

Linker Doppellutscher Weißer Hagenfall Federweissfall
Rechter Doppellutscher Solo für zwei Ruinenorgel
Höhkarfall Mordor Weißer Hai
Dreikönigsfall Weg der Balkone Chohiba
Spieglein an der Wand Fenstergucker  
Hot Dogs Adrenalin  

Ice climbing in the Ankogel-group in the Gastein Valley

Froschmaul Spiegelkabinett Remember to R.M.
Glaspalast Akarfall  

Interesting links for ice climbing in Gastein

Seidenraupe Schleierfall Ikarus
Supervisor Florian Thamer  


Mountain guides in Gastein

Mountain Revolution

The interactive mountain guide office in Gastein, which tries to bring guests together, for interesting day tours.

Hans Zlöbl: Mountain and ski guide, founder of Mountain revolution, state qualified UIAGM Mountain and ski guide.

Mountain guide Klaus Karlstätter

Pyrkerstraße 53b, 5630 Bad Hofgastein
Tel. +43 6432 3842 and Mobil Tel. +43 664 575 11 77

Alpine school Angerer

Maierhofen 104, 5632 Dorfgastein
Gerhard Angerer: state qualified dipl. ski instructor, UIAGM Mountain and ski guide


Local climbers who have influenced the climbing scene in our valley

Hans Zlöbl

Hans is with over 20 years without a single accident in the mountains and is one of the pioneers of modern ice climbing in Gastein. His extensive knowledge of mountain sport reaches from training the Austrian mountain and ski guides, the mountain rescue team, to Heli-skiing in Canada.

As a qualified helicopter pilot he has also  access to the latest knowledge in human endurance as well as in modern risk management.

Charismatic personality combined with a big passion for climbing and the search for new routes in rock and ice. Author of the ice climbing guide "ice climbing Salzburg county“.

Hans Zlöbl: Mountain and ski guide, founder of Mountain revolution, state qualified UIAGM Mountain and ski guide.

Sepp Inhöger

Sepp is one of the most experienced alpinists in the valley and a successful mountaineer off 3 8 thousanders in the Himalayas. He knows the Eiger north face and is the first to climb the famous sky wall (Himmelwand) in Bad Gastein. The "new sky wall“ is currently the most difficult route in the valley and with a length of 300 m and overhangs of up to 30 m.

He knows the "secret paths" like his vest pockets and, in addition, is an excellent ice and rock climber, with numerous first ascents every year.

Sepp is a training officer of the mountain rescue team Bad Gastein.

Sepp Inhöger: State qualified UIAGM Mountain and ski guide

Robert Hochreiter

Robert is a professional mountain guide working intensely in the east and west Alps and, in addition, leader on international expeditions. As a qualified ski instructor he understands how the best deep snow runs can be the perfect adventure.

A highly experienced ice and rock climber.  A real local boy!
A talented mountain guide, worldwide and at home.
Is training officer of the mountain rescue team Dorfgastein.
Robert Hochreiter: State qualified UIAGM Mountain and ski guide